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We offer no co-pays, no deductibles, and wholesale/cash pay pricing for medications, labs, and imaging.

Family First Direct Primary Care is dedicated to offering you the most convenient pricing for all of your medical needs. To ensure this we offer an in-house membership that allows you affordable medical care.

Monthly Membership Subscription


Age Group Pricing
2-17 years old $50.00
18+ years old $89.00

We offer family specials to members in the same household; up to five members. Please call regarding plan pricing.

DOT Physicals

Members Non-Members
$95.00 $120.00
$20.00 (Follow up visit if applicable) $30.00 (Follow up visit if applicable)

Services & Pricing Chart


Services Members Non-Members Average Cost
Clinic Visits Included with Membership $165.00 $185.00
Preoperative Clearance Included with Membership $125 $185.00
Annual Physical Exam Included with Membership $250.00 $450.00+
Disease Prevention Counseling Included with Membership $50.00 $450.00+
Weight Loss Counseling Included with Membership $45.00 $60.00
Care Coordination (Medical Team Management) Included with Membership Call for pricing Call for pricing
Blood Draw Included with Membership Call for pricing Call for pricing
Labs Discounted (up to 70%) Check with Lab No Discounts
Ear Wax Removal Included with Membership $35.00/ with clinic visit $50.00
IV Hydration 20% off Full price $140- $185 No discounts
Injections and oral supplements Member pricing Full price No discounts
Imaging Discounted (up to 70%) Check with Imaging Company No Discounts
Rapid Flu Test $15.00 $35.00 $70.00
Rapid Strap Test $15.00 $20.00 $35.00
Urinalysis Included with Membership $10.00 $35.00
Incision and Drainage Included with Membership $140.00 $180.00
Scar/Keloid Management Membership Pricing Call for pricing Call for pricing
Spirometry Pulmonary/lung testing Membership Pricing Starting at $85 Call for pricing
Express Telemedicine/Virtual visits Included with Membership Starting at $85 Call for pricing
Laceration Repair Membership Pricing $185.00 $500

Employers Discount for Employees Starting at $65.00!