Thank you for your interest in our Direct Primary Care services, should you find that you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us via this page for additional details. A member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Age 2-17 years old $50
Age 18+ years old $89
Yes, we offer family specials to members in the same household; up to five members.

Please call regarding plan pricing.
You will receive up to 70% discounted prices on laboratory testing.
Yes, the card on file will be automatically charged the day subscription started each month.
We are negotiating special rates with some of the area’s best cardiologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, hematologists, and orthopedic physicians, which we will pass on to our patients. You can always see the specialist physician of your choice and use Medicare or your traditional insurance.
We are negotiating special, members-only rates for x-rays, ultrasounds, bone density, mammograms, and CT scans with the areas most respected Radiology group. You may also choose to use Medicare or traditional insurance.
We do not treat chronic pain but are happy to help arrange a referral to a pain management specialist.

We do manage acute injuries, aches, and pains.
The actual exam is included in monthly fees.

However, there are laboratory fees associated with pap smear cytology.
Choosing a health insurance plan is highly individualized. A high deductible plan may make sense for a relatively healthy person with few medical issues, while a more traditional plan may be appropriate for someone with more complex medical issues. We are happy to share the contact information of helpful health insurance agents.

If you plan on purchasing your insurance on the exchange you could consider a high deductible plan for your needs. There are also several private plans available to cover unexpected emergencies.

In addition to traditional insurance, there are faith-based and non-faith based, voluntary, healthcare cost-sharing ministries that are acceptable options to meet the individual mandate for health cost coverage in the Affordable Care Act. They include:

Samaritan Ministries, (888) 268-4377
Christian Care Ministry (800) 772-5623
Christian Healthcare Ministries, (800) 791-6225
Sedera, (855) 971-1563
Many Health expenses do qualify in part but please speak to your CPA or financial advisor for specific answers on what would be best for you.
After 6 months, you may provide a 30-day written cancellation notice.